Leisure & Tourism

Project status

In progress

Team size

10-20 people


Angular, Typescript, Mapbox-gl


Java, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL


Kubernetes, AWS


It can be tough to browse through lists of audio tours on static landing pages. It's not always clear how many tours are available in a given region.

Guides are often not limited to a single city. For example, a tour might start in Amsterdam and end in Utrecht.

It's also important to know the route of a tour. This will give you a general idea of what kind of area you'll be exploring. For example, is it a park, a museum, or a busy street? What will you see on a boat tour?

Questions like "Where can I find a hotel near the tour route?" can also be important.

The founders of the startup realized that the best way to find audio tours is to use a map. They came to us to help them implement a cartographic interface.


  • Tour visualization

    Design a clear and intuitive way to display tours, even when their paths overlap.
  • Popular tours highlighting

    Implement mechanisms to showcase the most popular tours in each location, guiding users towards top experiences.
  • CMS

    Craft a user-friendly CMS for creating and managing tours, stories, and museums, empowering users to build their own content.
  • Adaptive

    Ensure seamless access to tours on smartphones and tablets with a mobile-optimized viewer.
  • API

    Build an API to empower external consumers and our mobile apps, fostering data accessibility and enhancing user search.
  • SEO

    Optimize content for search engines, ensuring travelers searching for relevant experiences easily discover offerings.


  • Interactive Map

    We've developed an interactive map showcasing audio tours, museums, and historical stories. Top audio guides are highlighted based on their ratings, helping users to discover the most popular content.
  • Cross-Platform Design

    We've ensured that the map is fully functional across both desktop and mobile browsers. Users can plan and explore cities from their home PCs or navigate with their mobile phones while on the move.
  • Content Management System (CMS)

    We've set up a CMS that enables content creators to upload, manage, and edit their tours and stories with ease. This system allows the publication of audio stories and the attachment of audio, photos, videos, descriptions, and the combination of these elements into tours or museums.
  • Search Engine Ranking

    We've optimized our content for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex, ensuring it's easily discoverable and ranks well. Our efforts include optimizing metadata, enhancing load times, and structuring content to leverage search engine features, with regular updates to maintain visibility and engagement.
  • Batch Upload

    We've made it possible for users with a large amount of audio content to easily upload it to our platform through a special interface. This reduces the entry barrier for content providers.
  • Public API

    We've developed a public API to facilitate data exchange between the web platform, mobile applications, and the platform's partners.
  • Egor Yakovlev
    Co-founder of
    The success of any project is the people. For us, the founders of, it was a great fortune to meet the guys from Geosemantica. Unlike a huge number of developer teams, the people at Geosemantica get involved in the project at the founder level, delve into all the details, bring excellent ideas, argue, prove... They are not just performers or even partners, they are really part of the team!


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